Make Print-Ready conversion is clipping my text

I've been trying to export a pdf of the interior of a music sight-reading text I'm creating (using Indesign creative cloud on a Mac) that Lulu will accept without modifying it. I'm using the Lulu job options preset.


I upload the resultant pdf to Lulu, but when I click Make Print-Ready, I get the message that my pdf contains transparancies and Lulu has flattened it. Something in this proccess is cutting off the first pixel or so of the Left side of all text and across the top and bottom of many of the lines.


The text is well in from the margins. I have verified that there are no transparancies in my indesign file.

I have exported as a version 1.3 pdf so my understanding is that there can be no transparancies.

I even made a 32 page pdf with only one text frame on each page with the words "this is a test" written on it and Lulu still says there are transparancies and the coversion still clips the text.



I submitted a ticket to Lulu on Monday, but still have not heard back.


I've attached the pdf of the test file hoping someone can take a look and help me identify the problem,










  • The simplest thing you can do is try a different PDF converter -- one that embeds fonts. There are some great free ones you can Google. DoPDF for example.

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  • Another option is to flatten the file before you upload it.


  • I'll give this a shot and see what happens.
  • I tried that and looking at the pdf in acrobat it tells me
    Layers:None in preflight. I thought that meant it is flat.
  • Can you cut and paste your text to a different program and create a PDF from there? I looked at your PDF and noticed that the text is indented on some pages (as though it has one or more tabs in front of it).
  • Maybe you should try Cute PDF...

  • Thanks everyone for making some suggestions. I came back to find that my problem had been marked as solved and was excited to see the solution. However neither of the suggested pdf converters DoPDF or Cute PDF seem to exist for a Mac. I've tried the print to pdf solution which embeds fonts and uploaded it to Lulu with the same results.


    My problem is not solved.


    I'm getting told that there are transparancies in my pdf that are getting flattened by Lulu, but the transparancies are still listed as there. I've been going through the PDF creators listed on LULU but there don't seem to be any mac ones outside of Adobe because printing to pdf is built into the OS.


    Still looking for the answer....

  • That was actually a test file I created to determine whether the flattening was being caused by the images in my original. However even with no graphics in the pdf I still get the problem. 


    The book is 95 pages of carefully laid out music text and icons. I don't know how I would recreate it in another app. Maybe I could save everything as jpgs and reassemble them in a different app? 

  • Hi Travis,


    Try one of these:



    If Support can't find the issue, perhaps hit a library and print your PDF using a PC?

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  • Thanks Maggie!


    I may look into installing windows on the Mac using boot camp. I'm simultaneously looking into alternative POD services. I need to get some preview copies set out to teachers who are waiting to use the book with their fall students, and it there is a companion smartphone app that is almost ready to deploy. Our startup is at a stand still until I can start distributing cies of the book.




  • Although there are no layers in your PDF there may be alpha layers in embedded graphics (.png for example) - maybe that's the problem?

    Have you checked this page :

    Why not create a new single page pdf and embed a jpeg to see if that works?
  • Thanks Picnic,


    I read that page. I even uploaded a pdf with no graphics just text, but I get the same flattening transparancy message.

  • Hugely frustrating when your work is finished but you just can't jump the last hurdle Smiley Sad


    I use Inkscape to create diagrams and covers for use on lulu without any issues (transparencies are flattened on upload without problem). You can get Inkscape for free to use on a Mac.


    You can open .pdf and .eps in Inkscape and then resave as a PDF. Why not try that? If it doesn't work with PDF you could try and .eps (looking at InDesign docs you can export to an .eps).


    Good luck!

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