Can I upload EPUB3 Compatible Books?

Hi all,


I'm looking into trying to Publish a EBook in EPUB3 Format. I understand this Question might sound stupid and I know it's bean ask a few times in past. But just to make sure, I am not going down EPUB3 dream path Smiley Frustrated


Can I upload EPUB3 Compatible Books with EPUB2 Backwards ability ? 


From the reading the LULU HELP and Past Questions, my understanding is that it could be possible to Upload the File and be sold. But there is no clear information on EPUB Version allowed , at least for my Stupid lazy researching eyes to see Smiley Happy  


I going to be using a simple IDPF Epub3 sample I found for base.


Thanks for any Help




  • Upload the epub you have and see if it goes through. If not, you will get a notification. That will be your answer. If it passes the Lulu Q&A, then you're all set.



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  • Lulu currently supports EPUB2.

    You can give it a shot - if the file doesn't contain interactive content, it could go through.


    Let us know the results.

  • Thanks Glen and Maggie for the replies.


    After looking at other EPUB3 complexities with different Reading Devices,
    and my current path with the project at the moment. I might go down the well and
    trusted EPUB2 path for the time being.

    But I have bean talking to friend of mine, who has bean developing a Open Source
    EPUB3 Building tool. Who might try to publish through your Wise EPUB2 Wall
    and be glad to tell other Lulu Members how it went , arround Autumn some time. Smiley Happy


    Thanks again



  • Lulu do not publish software, if that's what you meant.

  • Hello Karel

    We will be glad to hear how it goes.


    I could be wrong about this, but I think the only large retailer currently selling EPUB3 books is the iBookstore - which is another thing to consider when designing your eBooks.

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