some of my Nick Armbrister books missing off scribd and oyster.

Hi some of my books are missing of various sites. Please sort them out. I opened case files but heard no reply yet. Thanx in advance,


Nick Armbrister



The info:


[ reflithium00D506zQ6._50050gxTQh:ref ] Lulu Case: 01271973 General inquiries


hi ive some more books missing on oyster books by me nick armbrister. please sort it out. thanx nick.

books not here on oyster by nick






[ reflithium00D506zQ6._50050gxT34:ref ] Lulu Case: 01271965 General inquiries


hi some of my nick armbrister books are not on scribd. please find out why and add them. thanx.

books not here on scribd by nick armbrister lulu links:



my lulu url:





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