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How do I embed fonts in a PDF?

Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin
edited March 2019 in Interior Formatting

The best way to upload your book files is as a PDF (Portable Document Format). All common text editing software allows you to create a PDF, but it is important to create your PDF with the correct specifications so your file is accepted and converts to a print ready file correctly.

The most common issue when creating a PDF will be fonts. You may use any fonts you like, but you must embed the fonts in the PDF. Keep in mind that you may not have the printing rights for a font and that some fonts are only screen fonts and can't be used to print. With these kinds of fonts, you will not be able to embed them in your PDF or if they do embed, they won't print correctly.

To determine if your PDF already has the fonts embedded, you can review the properties in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Viewing Fonts in Adobe Reader:

1. Go to File on the menu bar and click Properties.

2. Under Properties, select the Fonts tab to see fonts in the PDF, and their embed status:

If any fonts are not embedded, you will see an error uploading this file.

Embedding fonts in Adobe products:

The easiest way to ensure your PDF prints the way you want with the fonts you want is to use Lulu's Adobe Job Options on the bottom of this page.

The other option is to adjust the settings yourself by going into the PDF settings. These can be accessed through the Preferences menu, under Convert to PDF, or through the Edit menu, under Preflight.

Please note: Adjusting settings in Adobe Acrobat is recommended only for advanced users. The best way to ensure your PDF is created to Lulu's specifications is to use the Job Options file, found below.

  1. Under the fonts tab select Embed all fonts and Subset embedded fonts when percent of characters used is less than: Set the percentage to 1%.

  2. Select the folder with the fonts you want to embed from the drop down box under Embedding

  3. Check the Never Embed Font box and remove any fonts in the box.

Embedding fonts in Microsoft Word 2016 (Mac or PC):

To properly embed fonts in your PDF from Word, you will need to perform a 'Print to PDF' from your Word File menu. Using the newest version of Word, this requires using Adobe Distiller and Lulu Job Options to 'Print to Adobe PDF' from the Print menu.

For detailed instructions about creating a PDF from Word, please see How to Make a PDF using Word.

    If you're using an older version of Word, you can find instructions on Microsoft Office's help pages.

    Embedding fonts in Libre Office:

    1. To embed all fonts in Libre Office, click File in the menu bar, and click Properties.

    2. Under Properties, select the Font tab and check the option to Embed all Fonts. Now when you export your file as a PDF (also under File on the menu bar), the PDF will included embedded fonts.

    For more information about your specific software, we recommend viewing the help pages for the software.

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