I upload at least one new project per day and its been quite a while since i have received notification from Lulu that it is cleared for distribution


Are they behind? Or is there a glitch?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I don't recall Lulu ever telling me. You have to click on Manage in your Project list.

  • Hi Silver

    At the moment, there is a 2-3 day turnaround time for eBook QA review.

    Check your spam folder. The notification emails could be there.

  • Nothing is in my spam folder


    I stopped receiving notifications about 5 days ago including  ISBN numbers, revisions, etc


    Something is definitely off

  • I had a look at your account yesterday.

    Several of your latest projects do not include ISBN's, hence the lack of emails lately.


    I also spoke with Henry on the Distribution team. He said that he is very familiar with your projects, so when he sees several of them in the Q list, he approves them as a group. Unfortunately, when he does this, the system does not generate an email notification. If you want to receive the notices, I will ask Henry to approve your projects individually.  Just let me know.

  • Ok thanks for the info Glenn...i got an email from LULU today saying:


    We've noticed you've been a little distant lately. Is everything okay? Have you noticed anything different about us? We've been working hard to make some positive changes. Listen, we'd love to continue sending you exclusive email promotions, author success insights, and new product announcements, but we need to know you're still committed to this too. Need a little refresher on what we have to offer? All our available free publications are listed below. And if that's not enough to sweeten the deal, scroll down for a very special offer just for you!



    Distant? I'm on LULU all day everyday!!

  • I got the same email. I'm just sitting patiently waiting for my ebook to rehit amazon.lol. 



  • That email has generated quite a few comments on social media as well.


    Since it costs $$$$ to send every email, we occasionally need to spur people to action - continue receiving offers from Lulu or unsubscribe. It seems to be working.....


    Hope you can use the coupon code included in the email. It is one of the best offers we've had for some time now.


  • Smiley Wink I like getting those emails. 

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