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I am putting my book together using Lulu's WORD template -- I have been cutting and pasting into the template. It looked like it  was working fine until I got the PART III.  The page seem to be moving outside the margins every other page.  Have not idea why it is doing this and rest of the section is staying within the margins.  Thanks for the help, Mary 


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    I don't see any text outside the margins on  my end. But I do see other formatting problems which may not have anything to do with the template.


    You might be best starting from scratch without the template. Prepare your own margins, gutter, headings, spacing, indents. You can look up each one at YouTube or in the Lulu Knowledgebase.


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  • Could you explain what formatting problems you see -- I did go to the knowledge page for more about formatting.   I changed the pictures so the fit within the pages, is there something more I need to do to imbed them?  

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    It looks cluttered in that the headings seem stuck to the main text. Also, "to" stands alone on the far right in the below section:


    Leonard met Mrs. Elizabeth (Eliza) Merritt Worthington and September 28, 1843 they were married.  Eliza, her son Charles (age eleven) and Leonard moved to



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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Adding to what Maggie says.


    Turn Mirror Margins off.

    Reduce Indents to 0.25"

    Decrease margins to 0.75"

    Try to avoid Word Wrap that leaves few words on lines. At times it's better to have larger pictures on a page of their own with Ref Numbers.

    Don't use multiple carriage returns, use New Page Breaks.


    I am puzzled with it's defaulted to Indent Style that it not the same font as you are actually using.

  • You guys have been very helpful -- we will use your help and clean up the book, thanks  Mary

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