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Is anyone else having problems creating their book covers using the wizard? I am currently publishing a second edition of one of my novels, and all is okay until I try to review the cover. I have tried the old cover with the same results. It goes through the process, but does not complete the action. Having published twenty three print books, I am no rookie. If I have no joy, I will contact the admins, but just wondered if anyone else was having problems.   


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It was OK a few days ago, but it can lag and stall at times depending on the number of people using it on Lulu's servers at the same time, or even the people on line at once! Local or worldwide.

    One option can be to clear all the Temp folders on your PC. Once they get to a particular level of content they can cause problems.

  • Quite a few times. Mostly with fonts not staying the same during preview after a change in the wizard. Sometimes even font color and size was different after a change and preview. I once tried for hours to get it to work and finally gave up and turned of the pc. I've mentioned it a few times in suggestions but it has never been fixed to my knowlege.


    Tried again this morning, but same result. I have tried editing the cover several times, and even tried a different browser. It appears to create the cover, but when taken to the next page, only the interior shows. It won't even load the original cover. It does say making cover, but even after I've left it a while, nothong happens. Anyway, I've created the second edition as e-book, no problem. Over the years I've been publishing the print books, I never had this problem. I cleared all my temp folders as suggested by Kevin. I tried saving and continuing, but at the end am told I need to create a cover. Arghhh! I await reply from the admins.

  • Hi Hulsey

    We are investigating an intermittent bug associated with the cover designer that was introduced following our security update last week. If you can, I suggest you wait a few days until we can resolve the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please be assured that this is being treated as a hot issue.


    Thanks, Glenn. The admins did contact me this morning about the bug. I'm just glad this was the case and not my laptop.

  • I'm getting the same problem and this has been going on since last week.


    I also publish a lot of books with Lulu and this issue is starting to cause problems!


    'You do not appear to have a print-ready cover file. Please return to the Cover step and create it.'


    There's nothing wrong with the file!

  • Hello Yoger

    Please accept our apologies. Our engineers are diligently working to find a resolution. The more instances we report, the more information they can gather as to the cause. We hope to have this resolved shortly.

  • I have the same problem for the past week. I am comfused as I have published a book last year without any problems, now I con't get the cover to be accepted after several reviisions. Lloyd

  • I take hope from Glenn's reply that Lulu is looking into this, because since Friday Oct. 2 I have had a new revision of both a Lulu digital and an epub for other distributors that will not go beyond the marketing image stage.  In both cases the cover is a generic one from Lulu that was acceptable on the unrevised version.

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