Amazon direct versus Amazon through Lulu



A friend of mine suggested I publish my book directly through Amazon using their 70% model (on my $8.99 ebook it yields $6.29) over Lulu which is significantly better profit than the $5.15 distribution fee + $0.38 Lulu fee for a profit of $3.46.  I am promoting both Lulu and iBooks in my materials, but I keep getting asked for Amazon.


I wish that Amazon had fees similar to iBooks which takes $2.70 distribution.


Is there something I am not realizing about discontinuing Amazon through Lulu and distributing directly with Amazon?  Is there anything from Lulu's standpoint prohibiting me from doing this?  Personally I would prefer not to go, but to have the two options differ by 30% of the book's value make me begin to look at this alternate model.






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