The new - We have adjusted your ...

This is the first PDF I have uploaded for a print book since that standardisation message was added in the page section of a Project Wizard..

But what does it mean? Or does it say that even if it's not changed anything?


My plain B&W pages of text do not need to be adjusted for bleed of any nature, or for any other reason. The pages are exactly A5 as per the Project I selected and with wide margins. So what exactly needed to be adjusted? I cannot see any to the PR PDF.


That worrying message should only appear if the Wizard has actually adjusted a file.


  • From my post on 30 July:


    The addition of bleed to all print-ready files was something that previously occurred when the printer received the file. There has to be some padding added to a 6x9 file to compensate for the final trimming of the book during printing and binding. Now, all files are analyzed and corrected during the creation of the print-ready file - before they are sent to the printer.


    When we were working on the PDF Normalization release, we decided to err on the side of providing more information to authors about what was happening with their print-ready files. In hindsight, we see that this causes some confusion for authors who read the instructions and messaging on the site. Now that we have feedback from users, we will be updating both the messaging and the conversion experience to clarify what is happening during the conversion process.

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