Copyright: Quick Resources to Learn More

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It may be worth making this a sticky topic.


I've seen quite a few questions asking about copyright, and there are many misconceptions that exist about copyright, so here's a topic to help dispel some of the more commons myths.


First, see here:




If you wish to go further in depth, you can read the laws here:



Bear in mind that copyright registration may open you to up to solicitation.


More information here:


Fair use isn't clear cut, because it's ultimately decided on a court by court basis, but is most often in favor of: "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research..." Not so much books, social media, etc. This is why Pinterest accounts can be taken down for copyright infringement, even when they're just sharing pictures from the "open web." Good intentions are unlikely to help here.

See here:


  • You're right friend. And fines for infraction ain't gonna get any less -- they're on the increase.

    If anyone's unsure about using other people's copyright property, the mantra is -

    'If you're not sure, 100%, don't use it'.
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