Cookbook Pages

My mom and I created a cookbook of all the recipes my grandmother used to make. We have created it only for family to purchase but would still like for it to look nice.


We have some title pages (Desserts, Baked Goods, Main Dish, etc) before each recipe group. In order to get them on the pages on the right side of the book- should I just add an empty page on the Word Doc to take up the space if the page before ends on the right?

We don't want titles to be on the backside of the left side. I hope that makes sense?


  • Hello Tkandjsmommy

    I suggest you insert an Odd Page section break. This ensures the text on the new page will print on the next odd page.


    When using this type of section break, MS Word will not display blank pages. You can confirm the section break was inserted by looking at the page numbers in the file - the page number will skip to the odd numbered page.

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