2 book sales on google play without revenue

hi everyone,


hope this can be sorted. ive got a book out (Juniper's Daughter: War Is Obsolete - Futility And Hope)

and one place it's listed on is google play. i got 2 sales, each at the month end, and it didn't pay me for it. now the book was listed as a free ebook on the 1st sale. i asked lulu to fix the price to the listed price and they did do. and said i'd be given the revenue for the 1st book in a few days. i never recieved it. i checked my revenue.


then with the book listed at the correct price, it 'sold' a 2nd copy and as before, i wasn't paid for it. i'd like this fixing and my revenue please for the 2 sales. i opened a case on the 1st sale and they said it would be sorted. they only changed the price. i never got the revenue for no1 or no2 book. i opened another case and got no reply. 


unlike some of my books, this one isn't a free download.


the book details are:




and unpaid sales:

30-Jun-2015 Juniper's Daughter: War Is Obsolete - Futility And Hope ePub eBook Google, Inc./Retailer US 1 £0.00 

31-May-2015 Juniper's Daughter: War Is Obsolete - Futility And Hope ePub eBook Google, Inc./Retailer GB 1 £0.00 

case no: 




thanx nick.


i've other issues too, will do new posts on them or it'll be confusing.


  • Hello Nick

    I suggest you reply to the original support email you received. This will re-open your case and alert the support team member you worked with that the issue remains open and unresolved.



  • hi Glenn i did reply to it and got no reply. i'll reply again. i also opened a new case on it due to having no reply from the previous case other than 1 saying the price problem had been sorted on google play. i was told the lulu revenue dept would sort it and it never did that. then i did a new case and waited for reply. thanx nick.
  • i don't have the original email, just the 2nd one and its a no reply one ("Lulu Support" <[email protected]>). it says its in the queue to be replied to. i sent it thursday july 16. so enuff time to reply to. what happens now?

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