Full Bleed alert!

As from today I'm getting these error messages every time I upload PDF book files.
I've even re-uploaded PDF files for books I have successfully published in the last few months without any problems, but now I get these error messages.

Anybody else getting these?



Your print-ready file is complete.

We had to make the following changes:

We adjusted the page dimensions in your file to include full bleed in order to optimize print results for your selected book size. What is Full Bleed?


  • Full Bleed means that the picture runs off the edge of the page -- no margins.

  • There are no pictures, just text.


    I have a 2cm margin for the main text, then increased this to 3cm, and even removed the page numbers. Yet I'm still getting the PDF Stanardization message.


    Then I downloaded Lulu's template for A5 size, but still get the same message!

  • As part PDF file Normalization, we are adjusting all page sizes for proper trim - for all files with and without images. In the past, our print partners added this padding when they accepted the files. Now we are making the adjustments at the file upload step. 


    Following the implementation of Normalization, we realized the messaging could be a confusing to authors. We will be making an adjustment shortly to clarify the messaging.


    We apologize for any confusion.

  • I starting getting the "Full Bleed" alert message yesterday too, even though the book file I'm uploading is nearly identical to a file I've uploaded successfully in the past.  In addition to the "full bleed" alert, I'm also getting a notification that Lulu has detected some low resolution graphics in my book, and also a warning that a handful of pages of my book contain text font smaller than 6 points.  The message tells me to correct these problems and upload the corrected file. 


    This is strange, because the book has been printing just fine for years.  Do these alert messages indicate that the print quality is being reduced, so I need to make changes in my book?  Will my book now be rejected for Amazon distribution because of these "issues"?  Or can I just disregard these alerts?


  • So you've adusted the size of the full bleed ?

    I didn't even change my file (I was correcting a small error on cover) and I have seen that file printed perfectly because the file includes the bleed setting specified in your bleed settings. 

    If these have changed surely someone should have told us ?

  • Hello! I adjusted my pdf files to include a .25 bleed because of this warning and now I get a different warning: "Your file is 9" x 11.5", but you have chosen 8.5" x 11" as your book size. You can fix this problem by choosing a new book size, or changing your PDF file."


    For some reason, I am unable to view the print-ready file to see what it looks like. Thoughts?

    Thanks! Sara

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