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Hows everyone doing, i need some help understand this. This is my first time using Lulu. From the reviews i'v read about it they tell me this is the #1 place to come to to get my books printed. Here the question,  i have all 3 of my books ready to be uploaded do i just sent that in, then they send me the prints ? or so they self them for me. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but its my first time using this particular site.


  • Here's a quick overview:


    You start the new book wizard. Click "Create," pick a book type and size (hardcover, paperback, etc.; 6x9, 8.5 x 11, etc.), and click "Make this book."


    Hint: If you want the widest distribution for your book, pick a size / type that has a green checkmark next to it.


    The wizard will guide you to name your book, apply an ISBN (or get a free one), upload your contents, and upload your cover or design a cover. It will guide you to set pricing and distribution, and many other options.


    When you've done all that, your book will be available to order. You will see two prices: the one you pay, and the one other people pay. The one you pay is the printing cost per book. It may be anywhere from $2.50 to $20.00 or more, depending on options you pick -- probably coser to the low end.


    On that first page, where it says "Create," there is a calculator that will figure roughly what your book will cost (printing costs), so you can plan your options around that calculator.


    So you order as many books as you want, pick shipping, pay with a credit card, and in a few days, the books are on your doorstep.


    I hope that helps.

  • I depends, you can choose professional services and they will edit and proof your book for you for a price. They also do book covers, Maggie and Ron on here do very nice cover work as well. If you choose to do it all for free and you're sure your text is just the way you want it, click on the create link at the top of the page. Note only selections with a green tick next to them are eligle for distribution as well as certain sizes. There is a creation wizard that will lead through all phases. There is also a cover creation wizard using lulu's templates that are free. You can upload your own artwork to there as well. If you are doing it the free route it's best to make pdf's of the books and upload those instead of the word doc's etc. Ebooks are easier but require to be formatted a little different. I'm sure others here will add their advice as well. Any more questions just ask here, good luck! Smiley Happy

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