MachMach Chennai, INDIA Author


I am Mrs. Manimekalai Chelliah. I started publishing cookery ebook in 2013.Now i published 14 ebooks in different titles. 

In 2014,  two of my books : "Indian sweets- The art of making" and "Indian Short Breads" were selected for Gourmand Award. This year, 2015 my book: "Oats Magic- Indian Oats Recipes" was selected for the Best digital ebook. 


Thanks for Lulu team 





  • What type of special services did you purchase through LuLu. The only reason I'm asking is because I would like to bolster my sales to be as good as yours as well.! Sincerely, Kurt and Celeste Burnum

  • MachMach Chennai, INDIA Author

    Publishing Cookery Books is passion for me. I am not looking in commercial angle.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    But hopefully that award led to sales even if you do not want sales? But it would still be interesting which of Lulu's Services you used and if you will ever get your money back for them in sales.

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