Bad printing

Hi - just received my order for 10 copies of Family Fables - unfortunately all of them have black ink smudges on the IFC and half title page. I have raised a ticket through the Lulu system and I have had an auto email saying that Lulu will respond within 2 to 4 working days. This is not acceptable I'm afraid, I need these books so I intend to send the imperfect 10 copies back to Lulu's producer in Eastbourne, bill Lulu for £8.39 in courier costs, and place a new order this evening for 10 more copies


  • Save the money and the hassle.

    We are at same day response rates at the moment.

    Someone will respond shortly and place a new order for you.

  • I have had a response asking me to photograph the problem with a digital camera!


    Would I LIE about this????


    They will be heading back to you tomorrow for a full credit plus £8.39 and I shall be placing a new order




  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    There's no need to return the books at all.


    Lulu do not in fact print the books so the printing company will take no action until asked to by Lulu, and Lulu will also have to prove the fault to them.


    It would be like you turning up at Ford's factory to moan about a fault.


    Lulu ask for proof of fault via e-mailed photos and then either give you a refund or replace the order.


    It's common practice.


    Lulu staff do not work weekends.


    You are not the only customer Lulu will be dealing with. Have patience.





  • It's not that we think you are lying.

    In order for us to hold the printer responsible for the defect, we must provide proof of the defect.


    And in the end, sending a digital photo will be much less expensive and time consuming than repacking the books, schlepping them to the post office, standing in line, and paying to return the books.

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