incorrect keyword in bokstore

How can I change one incorrect keyword?


  • Yes

    Go to My Project,

    Click on the title to view the details page.

    Click Edit in the first section on the details page.

    Edit keyword.




  • Further to this advice I have realised there is an anomaly,

    In my account there are two versions of the book "Before The Show". Both have the same number 16667026 and the same ISBN. Revision 2 appears to be the one that is "live". ie you can buy, manage etc, but cannot highlight the title as suggested above to change the keyword. Revision 3 (sensibly this would appear to be the latest} has an accessible tile that can be clicked on, but when you do this it invites you to start the whole publication process again, so I have not followed thw link to "Save and Continue".

    I have ordered a copy of the book, received a copy, made revisions to both cover and some text and re-ordered. The copy received was perfect. It is now listed on Amazon and I have ordered further copies from Lulu. 

    The only problem that has arisen is that the Revision 2 of the book cannot be edited, and I am very wary of editing Revision 3 as I do not want to go though the process again in case errors creep in. I only want to change one keyword!

    Please advise.

  • Yes, it appears that title is under revision. When you have a published and draft version of a book, you can only make changes to the Draft version.

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