No option to get free ISBN?

I'm trying to publish my third book on I had no trouble getting the free ISBN for my earlier titles. but for some reason I'm unable to find the option to do so this time - has something changed in the last six months?


I can't select 'sell on Amazon, Barnes & Noble..' from the three options presented during the creation process, perhaps this is related?


I found a post here on the forum where someone had this problem because their book didn't have the minimum required number of pages but my book has just under 100 pages in digest format.


I found another post which suggested completing the process then creating a revision - I tried that but there is still no option to obtain an ISBN or change the places from which the book will be sold.


Any help appreciated Smiley Very Happy




  • Only those book sizes which have a green check mark next to them are eligible for distribution,

    and by extension an ISBN.


    None of the sizes in Standard Paperback are eligible which is why you cannot make this selection.

    If you want your book to reach Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc select one from the Premium Paperback range.


  • Thank you Sandra, I don't know how I missed that! (too eager I suppose).

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