Delivery notification changes

I'm not happy about the change to the way an impending delivery notification is sent.


Usually, I get a notification on the evening before a delivery which allows me to make sure I'm home.  For five years this system has always worked efficicently , and I've always been impressed with the way the courier (DPD) kept me informed.


However, for my most recent order, I've just discovered that things have changed.  I've just got back home to find that delivery was attempted today by UPS instead of DPD.  Had I known the delivery was happening today, I would have stayed home.  The notification email was not received until this morning, but I was already out by then.  


This is quite an inconvenience for me, as I now have to travel to my nearest collection point on Saturday which has disrupted my plans for the day.  I also have to use public transport at extra cost to collect what will be a heavy package.  I did try registering with UPS, but their website was very awkward, hard to navigate and not very user friendly.


I hope in future that the system of notification on the day before is reinstated, and that deliveries are resumed with the much more efficient and informative courier, DPD.


  • Additional.


    I've just checked my emails again and the notification came in just over half an hour after AFTER the attempted delivery.  Not impressed at all with this.


  • Hi DaricBooks

    I responded through Twitter as well.

    It is possible that there was a glitch in the system - i.e. the printer's email system stopped sending notifications. When this happens, we manual push out the emails.


    I checked with our engineering team and there have not been any functional changes from our end to the notification process. As such, I think this was a one-off issue. If not, please let us know and we will investigate further.

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