Oops! Something just went wrong with My Files. Please contact support.

I get this message when trying to select my cover image from "MyFiles." I'm not sure what the problem is? It's a pdf and it's definitely the correct size.


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    My cover pictures are in the JPEG format not the PDF one, and I have never had any problem with them so far. Have you tried uploading a JPEG?

  • I think you can only upload a PDF for your cover if you are using the one-piece cover designer. Otherwise use image formats.

  • I'm using the one page cover designer. I've formatted a pdf to the size specificed, and when I try to select it at the one page cover step (it's already uploaded to "My Files"), I keep getting the "oops!" message.

  • Aha! I just reformatted it as a jpg and it accepted it. Apparently the one-page cover option actually does not work with pdfs... thanks Jean Paul!

  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    You are welcome.
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