Incorrectly Formatted Books

I've noticed a few books here on Lulu which are not correctly formatted i.e. there are no paragraphs so the entire book is one long paragraph.


No one would enjoy reading such a book. I would challenge the authors who create such books to read them themselves. I bet they would decline the challenge! Do some people not check their epubs once they have been created, or buy a copy of their print book, as they are supposed to do?


If you are such an author and you don't know how to fix the problem set a paragraph style in the styles option of the document you are working on; it could be that you are not doing this and that things go awry during the conversion to epub.


If you are producing a print book why not produce an PDF from your Word (or other) document and upload the PDF? That way you know that the print book will look exactly like the PDF you submitted. doPDF is free to download and use. Simply print to doPDF and you will have a PDF you can use to get your book looking like a proper book should.


There are millions upon millions of books for sale. As a reader I might forgive a wonky cover but I would never forgive a book formatted in the way I have described above. It is, quite frankly, unreadable.


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    The Normal text all needs to be highlighted and reassigned Normal Style.


    The italics need to be given their own Style and renamed Italics_your name or something like that. All the bold items need to be assigned their own style as well. Otherwise, like Daniel says, you will end up with one blob of words.


    Make sure to right-click on each Style in Word and Modify the style to your liking. Example, spaces between paragraphs or indents.


    You can also Modify your Headings in the same way so that they have space before and after, bold, size, etc.


    If you do  not want a Heading 3 or 4 in your table of contents, simply "select all with similar formatting" and apply a new Style named Heading_3 or Heading_4. The converter software will not pick these up and they will not be included in the toc.


    Good luck.

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  • I know of a good e-book site with a great e-book editor that forms e-pubs and other formats of your novel.


    But all entries must be in e-pub format to upload. The only way I've found to do this is through Atlantis Word Processor but you do have to remove all the formatting in the style you've been talking about including the classic TOC and headers/footers.


    Although paragraph end marks are necessary your e-book will turn out great if you just break it down into it's very basic nature and then follow the easy to dictate procedure's laid down at the conception of the book submission process.

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