Google AdWords mobile bid adjustment

Do I understand correctly that Lulu works ok with computers and tablets but not with smartphones (because smartphone screen is too small for wide Lulu cart)?


Is it a good idea to lower Google AdWords bid for mobile devices -100% so that smartphone users would not see my ads at all? Or maybe lower it but not all 100%, because it is hard but possible to do a Lulu purchase from a smartphone? If so, how much percents it should be lowered?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I was not aware that Googles Adwords are on Lulu's site at all. What do you mean?

  • > I was not aware that Googles Adwords are on Lulu's site at all. What do you mean?


    I don't say that Google AdWords are on Lulu's site.


    Just my mobile-friendly Web page links to the Lulu shopping cart and here phone users have a frustration as Lulu doesn't support small screens well.


    And my Web page is going to be accessed through AdWords.


    Because of this trouble with Lulu, should I decrease (probably -100%) mobile bid in AdWords? Even though my own page is mobile-friendly, unresponsive design of Lulu may cause a failure to make a purchase. So it probably not worth to pay for AdWords clicks if the user is on a smarthphone. Right?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I am sorry, I have no idea, I don't own a Smartphone, but I would assume the smaller the screen the less you should try to have on it.


    My own website is a standalone one and that works fine on a Smartphone, as do all the links, as do the sites they link too.


    Adwords is just as it says, advert windows that  display random content that sites can have on their pages if they want. There's software that many people use to block such things as a pest. You are far better off with a standalone site like mine. You could use Adwords to advertise it.

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