Several ebooks and titles

I want to publish my book in three formats: print, EPUB ebook, and PDF ebook.


For my convenience I want the titles of the book show differently for each of the three versions of my book in author's dashboard ( ).


But if I change ebooks title from "New Testament Commentary By a Mathematician" to "New Testament Commentary By a Mathematician (PDF)", it says: 

This title does not meet Lulu's capitalization requirements.


Please help me to organize my several versions of this book.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    You should not capitalize 'by'. It should be:


    New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician


    Just an observation - I cannot see any difference between the two titles.


    There is no need to change titles so they show up on your dashboard; it is very easy to distinguish the different formats already.


    Print books will have a green discount icon alongside them, epubs (if you have requested distribution) will have an ISBN and PDFs will not.

  • If I don't capitalize "By" in ebook, Lulu says "This title does not meet Lulu's capitalization requirements."


    I cannot distinguish PDF and EPUB by presence of ISBN, because I don't order ISBN at all. This way, if one of my books advertises another my book, the buyer will not be directed to a distribution channel which would get most of my money, but is deirected directly to Lulu only.


    Thus I consciously got the decision not to use ISBN and distribution channels.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Sorry, I gave you incorrect information. These are the words which should not be capitalized:


    a, an, and, for, from, of, or, the, to


    Remove the brackets / parentheses and change PDF to Pdf and it will work (I've just done it). However, remember that Pdf is going to show up as part of the book's title which is not very elegant.


    As for selling only on Lulu my sales on Lulu account for less than 1 % all my sales. Unless you have a very successful way of driving traffic to your Lulu page I can't help feeling that you are losing out by not going into distribution. 35 % of something is much better than 90 % of nothing.


    If you are successful in your strategy please do stop by in a few month's time and give us an update.

  • The error is being caused by "PDF."


    You can leave this as is and progress to the next step. If your eBook is not going into distribution you can use any capitalization you want in the title.

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