Amazon UK and Canada sales not showing up on revenue report

Good afternoon.


According to my tracking of my books Amazon UK and Canada pages, several books were sold via those sites that have not shown up on my Amazon payments via Lulu for May. Please let me know what I should do to address this. It  is not the first month that this has happened and I am wondering where the $ is for previous months sales as well.


thank you



  • craigml,


    How can you tell that a book has been made and sold without your knowledge if you receive no revenue for that sale?

  • Wait a minute. I get it. You have a third party website that you send your customers books factory direct. How stupid of me. If you figure out how to track the sales you have that aren't third party then by all means, please let me know...

  • If thats the case then you should be able to pull up an e-mail reciept for your order, or a paypal reciept from when you originally purchased the item for your client. If that's the case then there has to be a transaction number that you can contact  about. Right?

  • Hi. As my books are available on Amazon, each book has it's on Amazon page and Amazon has pages for many different countries including Amazon.CA and . so when I go check the Amazon.CA and pages for my books and I see the sales rank for that countries page drastically change to a very low rank it is evidence of a sale via that countries Amazon.


    I want to know why when I see those sales being made (as evident by the sales rank #  changing by tens or hundreds of thousands of #'s) why the sales are then not showing up on my Lulu revenue when Amazon sales are posted to Luly revenue the first week of each following month.

  • I'm sorry. I still don't understand how you know a sale has been made that you haven't recieved revenue for unless you purhcased the item and sent it to them factory direct. In which case you would have a paypal transaction to dispute your claim with.   


    There's no real proof that there's been a sale made...

  • I don't know how to explain it to you in any more of a clear way that I just did.

  • Its conjecture...You have no proof of a sale ever being made. Unless of course, you sold the product as a third party entity. I think it sucks. Donute?


  • If there is anyone who can be of help in answering my question, please let me know. Thank you very much.

  • Yeah. I'd like to know too! I've been wondering the same thing all along. I mean, "Who says that they sold one of your books to start with, and if that is so, then why would they be obliged to send you any royalties at all?" That's one of the things that I would like to know too. As a matter of fact, "I'm surprised we get any money back at all when dealing with certain un-named entities at all..."   


    If your in this forum looking for answers than that tends to tee-off at the fact that there is nothing that can be done about any of this, and that these questions and anxieties are just that. In all reality, we have no real proof of anything being sold at all. 

  • There is an option on Amazon Central that allows you to track your book sales via Neilson scans. It tells you by number amount and by a graph that shows rank on Amazon compared to other books. If it shows you sold 30 books but lulu show Amazon only sold 20 then you might be a little worried. This has happened to me in the past but I let it go becuase I have no real way of proving or knowing what's going. I think this is what is being said here. But you can't go by the sales "rank" for how many books sold. But they do tell you the number sold during that week. The sales rank will change each hour according to many things according to Amazon support.

  • Amazon sends a monthly sales report to Lulu, which we then post on your Lulu sales and revenue report. Depending on when in the month your sales are made, it can take one to two reporting periods for print sales to be collected and reported.

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