I'm looking for an editor to editor/proofread my Mystery/Horror book.  Can someone recommend an editor that I can contact?


S. M. Randle


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    Search on line, there are 1000s, but check what credentials they have. Neither is a cheap option because they are time consuming so beware of those who charge very little for the services.

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    I outsource to three:


    Charlie Soul


    [email protected]


    Marie Dee


    [email protected]






    [email protected]



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  • Yes, I can recommend myself.


    It would help if you could let me know just what level of editing you need--

    I am most proficient at proofreading and copy-editing, both of which are

    "less-invasive" than content editing, which would also address plot and character

    issues, overall structure, etc. The service I offer would address typographical errors,

    the many things that evade even the best of spell- and grammar-checkers, grammar

    fixes, and correction of faulty or confusing sentence structure. Page layout, font choices

    and so on if desired.


    I typically offer new clients a free reading of a small sample file so they may

    gauge my suitability for their purposes.


    You may view my qualifications and recommendations on my LinkedIn page,

    where I am dba Red Top Proofreading.


    Thank you for your consideration.


    Keith Robbins


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