Can't open Lulu files

I've always been able to open my files on Lulu (using epub.)  I need to open to check on them after uploading to lulu.  But suddenly I can't open my files anymore.  I get a message stating that "The office xml filecannot be opened because there are problems with the content."  

This applies to every file that I have on Lulu.  All of the same files that I have stored in documents open with no trouble.  Has anyone else run into this kind of problem, or know how to fix it?  

Thanks, Sully


  • I'm happy to have a look.


    Where are you downloading the EPUB files from on the Lulu site?

    What program are you using to open and review the EPUB files? 

  • Hi, and thanks. As I've always done, I click on the file in "My Projects" which takes me to the revision page:
    I scroll down to "epub" and click it. This has always, up to now, opened the file for me.
    I'm not sure about the program...maybe MS word?

  • Clicking on that link downloads the file. Check your Downloads folder, it should be there. It will probably display in the folder as the product number.


    Also, if the file is an EPUB, you will need some sort of eReader program to open the file. I use Calibre, but there is also Adobe Digital Editions, both of which are free downloads. You may already have one of them installed, if so, right click on the downloaded file, click Open With and select the eBook reader software. The eBook will open in the Reader for you to review.

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