Changing book title

The ebook version sells about 5 copies per month but only 3 paperbacks world wide in the past 2 years. Changing covers didn't help but thought maybe a title change might. As I said the current ebook has sold maybe 20 copies. Would it be unethical to change the title cover and make a new project of this. I could do this also with the ebook, very simple. My only fear is someone buying it that has already read it under the old version. How would i go about doing this in an ethical manner. Funny point, my best seller has a one star rating on Amazon but people keep buying it lol. This is not about Reflections but a different book I have.




    I have republished some of my books after rewriting them and giving them a new cover, but I always state it is the second edition. I suppose we always strive for perfection. If you mention it is the second edition, then I foresee no problems.


  • I think as long as you clearly state "Previously published as..." then there shouldn't be any problems. I know a 'traditionally published' writer who changed publishers and at least one book is being re-released under a different title, so it isn't like people don't do it.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    My English-French sitcom was first published as Spoofies & Co..

    Last year, I partly modified it, and made three editions out of it - 1) bilingual Extrapolations,2) monolingual English Spiffies and Loonies, 3) monolingual French Fringues et dingues.

    I recall the title of the original edition in the copyright page, as well as the title of the two current parallel ones. 

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