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Hello everyone, it is a while I have actually used the forum but I was once a regular but here I am with a BIG problem.


Yesterday, Thursday, I ordered 70 copies of my new book but last night I discovered an error on the spine of the book cover.

It is just a tiny book and the spine, as you can imagaine is very, very narrow. The print should have read 'County' but I have printed 'Count' without the 'Y' I have contacted Support but will have to wait some hours until they come on board. Basically I have asked if I can re-submit immediatley since I have corrected the error on the spine now.

Is there anyone here with any suggestions which may help?

Thing is, the book is for charity, I give the charity the boosk at cost price and they have orders from members of their community who wish to buy the book at retaill price to raise funds for their charity.

Any ideas???




  • If you've corrected the text on the spine and saved the project you should be able to reorder now. Just make sure you did save it and it looks like you want it.

  • Thanks for that but I tried that and I was requested to pay the full sum again. I know it is all automated so I must wait for the Lulu office to open and hope they contact me. Their answer to my request was 'We shall answer within 2-4 business days. I really need an answer today.
    To further complicate things, I have been in and out of my site on Lulu and now, for some reason and hardback has been added with another price which it is not allowing me to delete. I cannot even get past the Approve/Deny page, it has just 'froze'
    I have been with Lulu for five years now and have never experienced this. It could be I shall lose a lot of money for books (70 of them) which have been pre-ordered. Now for the first time ever too, I cannot even get on the site to check things.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    HI James,


    I'm not clear on whether the error was yours or a Lulu printing error.


    If it was yours, take a copper sponge and fade the entire spine. It will look stylistically deliberate. Try one and see if you like it.


    If it was Lulu-printer-related, then Lulu will relpace the copies.

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  • Hello Maggie, how are you, well I hope.

    What it is Maggie, I ordered a batch of 70 books yesterday at 4pm but noticed this morning, I had left the 'y' out of the word county. It is on the spine and, since this is only a 100 page booklet, the letters are tiny and, of course I did not notice. I am desperate to find out if the order can be stopped and I would re-order within minutes (or even if someone, somewhere, was able to add the y to the word.
    The more I looked for answers at my end, I cannot even get past the approve/ deny page now. I checked for the item and that has been lost on the system and even the item's URl is saying no such item. On the approve/deny page too, it is showing two prices, one for my paperback and another for a hardcover. I am totally at a lost. I must have done something when I was on the site I guess but have never had problems like this in the five years I have been here.

  • I meant to say, on the projects page, beside the item I am having problems with, is a yellow triangle with a black exclamation sign on it (that's on the manage section) When I click to go on that, it gives me a link to go in to but when I do that, the screen, again, freezes.


  • @james_denham

    Erin will contact you through your support case. She manages our UK print provider.

    Fingers crossed....

  • Many, many thanks Glenn, received the email a short time ago and hopefully, all will be resolved, excellent service.

    Thanks again,

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