My Best Week Ever

I had my best week ever on Kindle last week with 12 sales and 4 borrows.


This has made me realize that I will have to scale back my ambition and write simply for the love of writing and give up all hope of financial success.


Or perhaps I should set up as a consultant telling other people how to make money with self publishing knowing pretty much that you can't!


Self publishing really is a mug's game but this poor mug is addicted to writing!


It amuses me to read both the Lulu and Kindle forums and see what kind of advice is doled out only to see some refute it while others swear by the same piece of advice. Clearly there is no one rule that works for all.


The other thing I have realized is that it is just as common on Kindle for writers to sell no books at all as it is anywhere else and for those who do sell to have very modest sales. I guess the really successful writers don't bother posting in the forums!


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