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Discounts: What Are The Rules?

you get a discount when you order your own book from your own account, only paying for the production price, right?


Is it allowed to have a buisness that orders books through my account, where the buisness buys the books, so that discount is added?


Just a thought. 


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Place the order yourself, and make Lulu send the books to the retailer.  Do this only after you have received payment from the retailer. Smiley Happy

  • You can also set up a direct access project at a lower price (manufacturing + small profit) than the retail price.  Provide the project's URL to the vendor and let them order it directly from Lulu. That way they can pay using a purchase order and have the order shipped directly their receiving center.

  • Thanks guys! =)

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