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Google Books and Google Play, Lulu as editor

I've published a book and it is selling in Lulu market place. Lulu sent it  to Google books and I hope it will be discovered by others.  I've noticed that when you go to «about this book», after the title, it says and not the editorial house Ediciones de la Flecha.

Do I have to submit it myself so that Google will list it as Ediciones de la Flecha or Lulu be so kind to fix it? I understand Lulu is the printing place and the seller but the editorial imprint is Ediciones de la Flecha.

I wrote to support many weeks ago, with no answer. As the book is live in Google books, it will be easier if Lulu writes Ediciones de la Flecha, also the owner of the ISBN. 


My second question is, when I tried to upload a digital version for Google Play, it happens the same thing. Google tells me to go to Lulu. In my opinion, this could be the case of books that use a Lulu ISBN but not the ones that belong to an imprint.

Please, advice and tell me what to do.


I can  skip Google Play but I want this book to be like the others. Sorry for the English. Thanks a lot for your help.




  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I think the important point is to sell your book. Google directs potential readers to where they can buy it, and the best option for Lulu authors is Lulu itself, because Amazon and others take three quarters of our royalties, while Lulu doesn't. 

  • Hola Riby

    I appears that a support team member placed your request into their queue, but it got misdirected. I have tracked your case down in the system and asked Sarah to respond. You should have a response this morning


    Please accept our apologies for the delay.

  • ribyriby Writer
    Of course, that is why I am in Lulu. But it takes a while to build Ediciones as something that relates all books (7) so I want to protect the name. And because Lulu is not the editor. Thanks very much for your reply,
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