Hail Mary! Options for a quick turnaround self-publishing job

Hi there Glenn and others,


Know and love LuLu, have used it for the physical manifestations of our many eBook series.


I need a miracle! I need some physical copies (only 10 or so) for a conference next week. We have the complete eBook PDF, it's 70 pages or so, and we are going through the steps to 'LuLu-ize' it, so we should have an order to submit very soon - like in an hour or so. 


What are the chances we can have physical copies in hand by a week from today? Of course we'd do overnight shipping, is there anything, anything else I could do to expedite?


Thanks and Best,



  • Hi Matt_R


    If you have to have them in hand by Monday, there is no guarantee they will arrive in time. It is possible, but it is risky bet. Paperback books print in 3-5 business days, but since it is after 2:00 PM, tomorrow will count as the first business day.


    Is the event on the 18th?

    Where are you located?

    What binding type are you planning to print?


  • Hi Glenn,


    The even t is the 19th, and it will need to be in hand by Tuesday next week. 


    I'm in Chicago.


    This would be perfect bound.


    Anything I can do to expedite? Or any other recommendations? 



  • Once books get into the printer's queue, there is nothing we can do to expedite production.


    Technically, if the books ship in 3-5 days, they could make it in time for your event. There is also a risk that the package could be lost, damaged in transit, or there could be print errors. I'm not purposely being negative, but I sit in the customer support area and despite our best efforts, mishaps occur. And oddly, they seem to occur most often when there is a dire need.


    Before placing the order with us, you may wish to check out FedEx binding services. It's expensive, but it's also overnight service - guaranteeing you will have your books in time to review them and make any necessary changes before the event. Here's a link: http://www.fedex.com/us/office/binding-finishing-laminating.html



  • Thanks Glenn, understood on all of the above, and thanks for the plan B!

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