Sales Patterns

Shadowmonkey recently mentioned always having the same pattern to his sales which is quite an achievement in itself, instead of having a downward slide.


I've also noticed some inexplicable patterns. I guess they just happen and we will never know why.


One of the books I give away is consistently downloaded 3 to 4 times more on the iBookstore than it is on Kindle. Of those iBookstore downloads the USA store is pretty consistent each day whereas the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland downloads fluctuate quite a lot. Generally there are more downloads during the week than there are at weekends.


Sales are much more random, with the Nook book store contributing more than I thought it would and Kindle less than I thought it would.


  • My observation was that it stayed the same all the time which with millions of people buying books it seems it would change some one way or the other. I do want it to increase sometime just to give a little hope and inspiration to keep writing and some excitement to look forward to on payday. I too noticed Sandra that sales were more from ibooks , itunes and kobo than from Amazon kindle. Almost all of my sales of ebooks are from non Amazon stores.


    The majority of my sales are from Amazon. No matter how much I promote the books, the Lulu sales are not so good. Yes, they sell okay on B&N, iBooks, and other outlets, but Amazon is where I generate the majority of my sales. Most of the sales are e-books, but I'm not too disappointed, as I make roughly the sale income from an e-book as I do a paperback. I would like to lower the price of my paperbacks, but would make very little profit. The average price of my printed books is £9-99, and then a 20% discount. To raise the price would seem unfair.


  • This just goes to show that there are a lot of different patterns out there.


    I'd still like to have Kindle represent the bulk of my sales given that

    Kindle is the largest player in the market. Onwards, and upwards,

    one sale at a time!

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