Withdraw From Global Reach

When publishing my book I applied for Global Reach. During the price setting section, this distribution choice greatly rose the minimum price I was required to offer my book. I accepted and set my price. I now feel that my price is too high, and is a deterrent to purchasing my book. 


I have put it on sale to lower the cost; but would prefer not to have my book eternally on sale. None of my sales are through Amazon or B&N, just Lulu. Is there a way to 'withdraw' from global reach and only offer my book through Lulu -- so I can present a better price for my story?


Thank you for your responses. Feel free to email me directly: [email protected]




  • Hi Jennifer

    Unfortunately, adding an ISBN to your book takes away much of your pricing freedom.


    I suggest that you create a duplicate version of your book without an ISBN to sell in the Lulu bookstore.

    As to the first book, keep it in distribution, but remove it from the Lulu bookstore. The more pricey books on other sites will help drive business to the lower priced version on Lulu.

  • Ahh! So that's legal?


    I'm right now formatting a family type of book, saw that free ISBN and "SELL IT ON AMAZON TOO, FREE", my ego got the better of me, and too late I realized I had more than doubled the price.


    But I can create another book, with the same title, text and all, without an ISBN, and LULU/Amazon won't be offended?


    Thanks much, Tim


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