Checked the guide - still not sure...

I have read the guides but still not clear on a couple of things:


1. Between chapters, do I or do I not have page breaks before I give the next chapter a Heading 1? If not, a couple of soft returns?


2. I have a dedication with a Heading 1, but I don't want to put "Dedication" as it's first line. However if I don't put "Dedication", I assume it will simply come up with the first few words of the dedication in the TOC. Is it possible to change the TOC so it says Dedication without having to add that to the dedication itself?


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    You can have the dedication on a separate screen without having the word dedication. However, if you want Dedication in the toc then you must have it within the interior and assigned Heading 1.


    You can play around with your Lulu epub using Sigil, an epub editor -- just make sure you Generate TOC from Headings so as to update your changes. Important.

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