Hello. I have some issues, because of distribution policy.


PDF can only be distributed to Lulu.com, and we have a 150 cm x 130 cm poster that needs to be published in other channels aswell. From Adobe Indesign that the poster is created in, there is a export to EPUB option, but it does not meet the correct requirements.

So the Lulu team told me to make my PDF to DOCX then EPUB. But as the file is 150 cm x 130 cm we need to figure out how to make it DOCX without loose any quality.


So I am pretty sure we need to shrink the poster to A4 size, but how can we maintain the good details/quality?


Does someone have suggestions for this?


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    You'll have less of a mess if you convert to HTML, clean it up then save as Word doc,  upload to lulu.com and convert to epub, tweak in Sigil and reupload.


    The image you attached is easy to adjust.  It looks like it's 95 dpi, which is fine. Reduce to 6 inches in height.





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  • Thank you for your kind reply. Yes, if that is a option it would be very nice. But the image i attached is a screenshot in low quality. The real one is in very high quality, the attached picture is 244KB and the original PDF is 6MB. So it is a big picture, not a document. That is the problem.

    How can I convert a PDF to HTML?
    How can I save a HTML as Word doc?
    Does Lulu.com convert DOCX to EPUB? I thought I needed a own software to convert myself.

    It is a great suggestion, I hope this is the way to do it.
  • There are several file conversion sites on the internet that allow you to upload your PDF and convert the file to HTML or DOCX. 


    Once you have the file in DOCX format, edit the file and apply the proper styles for the chapter headings. The you can upload the DOCX file to the Lulu converter.


    Here is a link to the PDF version of the Lulu eBook Conversion guide: http://www.lulu.com/shop/glenn-hunt/lulu-complete-ebook-creator-guide/ebook/product-21895268.html


    I highly recommend you spend a little time looking through it before attempting to format and convert your file. It will save you lots of time. But, ebook conversion is as much art as science and it may take a few attempts before you get it right.

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