Does anyone have a blog?

I'm on the hunt for great blogs (could be your book or personal humorous blog), and wouldn't mind a bit of traffic myself if you're interested in my posts. Let me know on Facebook, I don't check this site regularly.




  • The advice one sees bandied about is that you have to be on social media, you have to have a website, you have to have a blog, etc, etc.


    What they forget to tell you is that you have to find a way to get people to visit your website, etc. There was a time when websites were few (comparatively) and surfers were numerous; now the pie is getting smaller and smaller. Spend all you time worrying about social media, blogs, websites etc. and you get very little writing done. Spend all your time writing and ignoring social media, blogs, websites etc and you might not sell anything.


    You pays your money and you takes your chances. The thrill I get when someone actually buys one of my books is worth more than a thousand likes.

  • no?

  • I set up a FB page to publicise my second book. I ran a campaign targeted it at groups I thought would be interested in countries I had the most downloads for the first book. I achieved a lot of 'likes' but as far as I am aware the whole effort netted me zero sales. None of these 'likes' engage in any conversation I start and none have generated any further traffic to my page. It was a waste of money in my opinion and I will not be repeating the process when book 3 is released.


    I also attracted some 'interesting' characters to my page including an abortion clinic in South Africa, some white supremacists in Alabama and someone who posted nothing but pictures of her shih tzu none of whom showed any interest in Sci-fi or even reading books on their own pages so the targeting sucks as much as Amazon's search engine.


    As sandrastaines said - The thrill I get when someone actually buys one of my books is worth more than a thousand likes, literally.



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I don't have a blog, what is to be said in them?


    As to Facebook, many accounts on them are long dormant due to people being told they "need" to be  on it, then nothing happening. Likes and Friends do not = sales, very often some writers who opened Facebook accounts already sell a lot of books and usually it's their agent or publishers who open an account as a service to fans, and keep news running in it.


    There's also nothing more spam-like than keep asking, or being asked, to Like someone.

  • DysonLogosDysonLogos Bibliophile

    Yes, I maintain a blog with regular contents and updates. The reality is that as you continue to produce quality content for a blog, word gets around and people keep coming back. This isn't something that happens overnight, this is the process of years.

    My current blog is fairly successful for the niche it is in, bringing in an average of 2,500 hits per day - but I launched it over six years ago and have 1,200+ posts on it.

    I also maintain a steady stream of content to various social media sites (google+ being the primary social media site for the niche I publish for, but I also put stuff up on facebook and tsu and Reddit).

    On the upside, my social media (including the blog) output DIRECTLY links to over 80% of my publishing income at this point (I occasionally get outside promotion and bundling that brings in sales, but that's far from the majority).

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