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Everything seems to be going swimmingly, EPUB up and running... I noticed on the Lulu Product Page down at the bottom there is a small section:

Flowing Text / Pages ... that is listed as Flowing Text.

..and, luckily, I formatted the whole thing for flowing text so I am currently sleeping nights.

However, right at the beginning of the EPUB formatting process when I copied the whole book from MS Word and pasted it as text into a notepad file in order to start over with fresh Styles in MS Word for flowing text I also made a copy of the .txt file for a future setup with 'Pages' in mind. With over 40 illustrations in the book I found it interesting and had a deal of success with creating bookmarks for the illustrations and reverse bookmarks to get back to the point in the book where you left off reading . . . all illustrations stored at the end of the book, of course, one to a page.


Question is, now that I have an EPUB with flowing text,  what is the Lulu situation regarding a separate EPUB of the same book formatted for pages..?  I didn't notice anywhere in the Lulu Project Setup that mentioned it.




  • Unfortunately, our converter does not play very well with files created in Pages.


    You could publish the Pages version directly to the iBookstore and deselect iBookstore from your Lulu distribution options to prevent duplication.

  • Okeydoke, thanks for the info, Glenn

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