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Print book pricing

Is there a minimum price for print books? What if the cost to make the book is higher than the sale price? Or does the price of the book start at the cost of the book?



    When you create your print book, you are prompted to set your price. There is a minimum starting price, which is suggested. You can then experiment with the prices and discover what return you will receive from your chosen selection. The minimum price depends on the book format, size, type of paper, binding, etc... Hope this helps.

  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    If you sell only on Lulu then you can set any price higher than the minimum price which Lulu advises you (i.e. the production cost of the book).


    If you want your book distributed to Amazon it gets a bit more tricky. Amazon will take 50 % of the cover price of the book as their commission for selling it. So, if it costs £ 3.50 to produce your book and you set a sale price of £ 7.00 you will get absolutely no revenue for your book.


    If you set a sale price of £ 8.00 (already quite high considering the buyer might still have to pay postage) you will get 40 pence!


    Sale price of book                               8.00

    Production cost                                   3.50


    Gross Profit                                          4.50

    Less Amazon Commission             4.00


    Lulu commission based on this    0.50

    Less Lulu commission                    0.10


    Your royalty                                         0.40



    I am still amazed that anyone buys my print books!

  • On some of my books, I make $4 USD if I sell through Lulu, but $1 USD if I sell through Amazon.


    Guess which link I send people towards when promoting the books...

  • I've always said send the links here for better profit. But as someone mentioned they might trust Amazon before this site so who knows. Personally I like the money here over Amazon but I get more there than here.

  • I had a question related to this as well - thought I'd post it in this thread instead of start a new one.


    I have a children's paperback print book I want to publish here. I am using the free ISBN through Lulu. It's an 8.5x8.5 paperback book with a total of 44 pages (four of which that will end up being blank). I want it in full color, with the perfectly bound binding.


    I don't know if I'm doing this wrong somehow, but the minimum price on this book is $17.20, and at that price I would earn $0 from retailers. That seems high for a children's picture book and I don't know if I made some wrong selections when it came to the book to make it price that high.


    Any ideas? 

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Unfortunately it's not high for a full-colour Print On Demand book, but the advantage of POD is that you do not have to pay to have 100s printed, or in fact any but a Proof.

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