help turning 11x17 scanned original into 8.5x11 book

I have an 11"x 17" hardcopy (collage, photos, drawing and text) original that I've had scanned into a 11" x 17" pdf (and jpeg I think) with the hope of creating an 8 1/2" x 11" full-color book on lulu. The problem is when I tried uploading it, it shrunk the 11x17 image down into an 8.5 x 11" file, so it' all squished. How do I turn an 11x17 orignal into 2 8.5x11 pages for each page?


And also, I'm trying to download a template but it doesn't seem to work or I can't find where it downloads to. I'm not sure how to make sure that everything is formatted correctly, ie. the cover, the back of the front and back cover being blank, and all that.


THanks for your help, I'm really eager to get this book done!

Jonathan Green


  • From the numbers it sounds as if you your images are spreads 17x11 is two 8.5x11 pages.


    You will not be able to upload spreads to print across two pages. Instead you will need to split the 17x11 images into two 8.5x11 pages.

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