Seeking a Better Thought World that Nourishes Peace, Love, Hope and Communal Space for Productivity

Thinking, Language Culture and imaginations are Gifts from God.It is meant for understanding, communication and advancement of humankind.

Except a mind is Renewed in the Word of God and the spirit mind reborn by the Holy Spirit , man will continue to see the limitations, weaknesses and wickedness in the thinking and the thought World of man.

We should know that our thoughts and what influence them {be it opinion leaders, the Church or Education or the customary Chiefs } hence, the resulting ideas, visions, life positions and the use of our mind’s gifts, influence our World, Our Common Peace and well-being.. tomorrow and future!
Healthy thoughts makes an healthy and balanced person. Healthy, balanced people and availability of chances for useful living make a Healthy Society!

Apart from the law enforcers and the Courts, what sustains a crime free society is the dominant thought culture and pool especially the Church. And, the general sense of responsibility (created by the church, also our opinion and cultural leaders) to ensure clean, spiritualy helpful, love promoting and spirit of understanding and space in the Common Thoughts World.

The victimization of foreigners in some cities and towns in South Africa is an example of the devil’s ‘multiple colour caps technique’. i.e. Xenophobia is a spiritual programming and poisioning of the thought world

And, it is true that healthy and clean environment, love, space for useful living and light of hope induces healthy thoughts. These are the principles and virtues taught in the Christian faith anchoured on Loving God and fellow being/neighbour.

Also, that everyone should have thought and respect for one another, be deligent in work, fear God and be given to charity and good works.
~ Ibiloye A.C,
#Extract from,
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