Quick way to edit description?

I just found a typo in one of my book descriptions. When I go in to edit the description, it seems I have to go through every single step of setting up a book again, clicking through probably about 10 screens. There has to be an easier way? I found the same with editing the price - why do I have to go through saving my cover etc. when I'm just changing the price? Have I missed something?


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    You don't have to go through every single step. On the first page you come to after clicking on your project title, scroll down and click on Edit after the description.


    You then have to simply proceed and reapprove for distribution. No need to create a new revision and no need to buy a proof.



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  • I had the same question. The process is not intuitive and should be changed so a simple "save" after the edit is all that's needed. We spend so much time writing, editing and posting the book, that to risk losing it all with repeating the entire publishing process is a tad disconcerting.
  • That's how it used to be, but even so you don't have to Revise the entire book to make such changes to the Description.

  • Yes, I agree. Why can't we click on Description in the top menu bar? 

    Not only is it time-consuming to go through all the steps, it's scary. 


    I'm responding to postings that are over 6 months old and nothing has been done.


    I really need to change some info in my description.

  • There's nothing to be done.


    All you need do is click Revise and scroll down the page that opens to adjust Description and Save it. You don't need to re-enter the Wizard or buy and Approve a Proof.

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