Queries into "intentionally left blank" formatting

I am trying to get a novel published through Lulu, yet I am wondering, how should I approach the formatting of a intentionally left blank page. I currently have a pdf version of the book's interior, with the blank pages saying "intentionally left blank" in the middle of the page, in italics, with the page number beneath that. Would that work with the hard copy, and allow a blank page to appear, or will the automatic systems for publication misinterpret that and print "intentionally left blank" on those pages? Is there some way of getting the right process done, like the use of a header with "intentionally left blank" in it, as per the new regulations on Amazon? I really need help with this. So if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


  • That will definitely print. You should be able to simply leave the page blank in your word doc or pdf, and it will simply print as a blank page.

  • Having a few blank pages will not trigger a rejection.

    The Amazon requirements are intended to battle fraud and the intentional "plumping up" of books with very little text. 

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