Distribution to Kobo and Everything Else

After de-selecting the option to distribute to SCRIBD (via Kobo and and Everything Else) how long will it take for my titles to be removed?


When will we find out if our titles are actually selling on SCRIBD?


  • When you deselect a distribution outlet, we send the notification to remove your book for that outlet's retailer sites. Your request will be queued and the book removed when the retailer next updates their catalog.


    As to SCRIBD sales, these are reported through Ingram's monthly sales feed. I have no idea when we will start seeing these numbers on Lulu revenue reports. Perhaps you should submit a support case directly to the accounting department for a more accurate answer.

  • Thanks Glenn....I'll send a message to support...they never reply though!!!

  •  I just checked and i opened a ticket with support re this topic on February 24th and they never got back to me...sent another just now but i don't expect them to reply...why do they ignore their authors? Its very frustrating...i never get a reply from them no matter what the topic is

  • What I don't get is why you'd want to remove your book from any retail outlet. You actually get paid when people read your book on Scribd, and it's far better managed than Kindle Unlimited. Of course, I'm sure you have your reasons, and I'd love to hear them for my own consideratioin.

  • I'm a little apprehensive of SCRIBD until we start to receive revenue reports


    (Changing the format of all of my titles right now...long story)

  • Hello Silvertonality

    I am a bit distressed over your report that our support team never replies. Do you receive the automated "we received your request and will respond in 2-4 business days" email?  If not, it is likely your email system is diverting support emails into your spam folder. The response will be from <existing_ticket>@lulu.com.

  • Hi Glenn...no i never receive the automated pre responce....but my spam folder doesn't have them either?

  • Glenn....what a moron i am...i just checked my account page and my email address had a typo!!!!!


    I didn't bother to check it as my revenue payments go to my paypal account and it is paypal that i receive notification every 17th of the month


    DUHHH!! Sorry about that

  • Glenn...I'm on my account page and trying to edit my email address



    When I type in the correct one and click save i get this message


    "This email address is already in use" and then it reverts back to the incorrect email address??

  • That would indicate that you have two accounts - one with the correct email and another with the mistake.


    The easiest fix is to log into the account with the correct email address and cancel the account - provided it does not include any projects. Then you can update the email address on the other account.


    IMPORTANT - do not cancel an account with projects or purchased ebooks - they will be permanently deleted.



  • Hi Glenn...Thanks for your help...i got a message from Lulu support today and they were most helpfull!!

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