Please help on extra invisible blank page in Microsoft Word 2010



I'm sorry to bother anyone. I'm having trouble with something. I saw one post here that sorta described my problem but it didn't answer my question.


Okay, I'm writing a poetry book. The writing should start on page 13. I've set it where the first pages do not have page numbers, and the last page is blank.


I wanted to have different odd and even pages, but when I use that feature on Microsoft Word 2010, it puts an extra invisible page between the quote page and the beginning of the first poem. So instead of my poem starting on page 13, it's really 14 because of the extra page. On my Microsoft Word 2010, it looks exactly the way I want it, but when I change it to a PDF file, the extra blank page is there.


I can click 'off' of different odd and even pages, and it looks fine.


Here's the order I want:


The names of the poems with page numbers.

Then the back of the end of listing my poems (contents page) blank.

Then a title page again.

Then the back of the title page (again), I want that to have a small quote on it.

(Between this is the blank page that I do NOT want)

Then I want my first poem to begin on opposite page from the quote, so when you open the book, the quote is on the left side and the poem begins on the right side (I know in Microsoft Word 2010 it makes it look backwards).


What do I do abou the extra invisible blank page that appears?

Has anyone ran into this problem before?


Please help.


Thank you so much. I'd appreciate any help I can get.




  • Choose the option to view hidden characters. This will show the hard returns and page breaks. Look at the page break on the last blank page before your text. If it is a section break > next even page, delete it and insert a section break > next odd page.



  • Hey! :-)


    Sorry it took me a while to get back with you.


    Thank you, that was the answer!


    Just in case someone else has this problem, I'll tell exactly what I did:


    In MS Word 2010, I went to File at the top of the opened document (next to 'home').


    Then I went to 'options'.


    Then 'display'.


    From there I was able to find the hidden characters option and view them, delete the section break I put in, then put in the right section break.


    I had put the section break as an 'even' or 'odd' page, and I needed to put in "next page" instead.


    I really appreciate your help! Thank you!

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