Trying to make pocketbook - getting resize message and text not exactly square on page

Hi all,


I'm trying to make a pocketbook. I used the Lulu pocket doc template in Word, then saved and uploaded my interior content as pdfs. I'm getting the message "

We had to resize your document in order to fit the trim size you chose.

If you are not happy with this change, you can:


- Change your trim size:

Choose a different trim size.



Resize your file and upload it again:"


The pocket doc template has page sizes 10.79cm x 17.42 cm. I see that pocketbook says 10.79cm x 17.46cm on the initial choose book size page. I even tried resizing the length to 17.46cm but I still get the resize message.

When I review the interior content pdf that Lulu makes me the page dimensions look correct to my eye, but, for some reason, (and it I thought it could be my eyes playing tricks but I asked my husband to look and he thought the same) it's as if the text is not exatly square on the page! The margin seems not a consistent width down the length of the page - on the lefthand pages it seems a little wider at the bottom than the top for example, but by less than a letter's width, I'd say. Has anyone come across this? It's only a tiny, hardly noticable variance, but I don't want to order a printed copy if it's not right.


Can anyone advise me on the exact page size to use in Word so I don't get the resize message please? Maybe that's something to do with it. Many thanks. 


  • Hello

    I checked the dimensions you gave, and for this format the dimensions are indeed 10.79 x 17.46cm. If I were you, I shouldn't use the Lulu template, and create mine with these dimensions. Modifying the existing template might cause invisible errors impossible to correct.

  • On the other hand, the dimensions given by Lulu in another section (link below) are more  precise : 10.795 x 17.4498cm.


  • Our wizard will make any necessary adjustments (up to 25% of the book size).

    Allow the wizard to resize the file then have a look at the print ready file.


    It is highly unlikely an adjustment of 0.04 centimeter will have any affect on your book's layout or appearance.

  • Thank you, both. I've ordered a proof copy now.

  • Hello. I have just downloaded the pocketbook templates. The docx version is set to page size A4, so getting resize message when I upload. Can you please confirm correct dimensions for margins (I know the correct page size) so I can create my own document? Thank you

  • You must have downloaded the wrong template.


    But all you need to do is adjust the page size in the template, and you can possibly leave the margin sizes alone, it can often depend on page count and type of binding/cover. They can be adjusted later if need be.


    And indeed to can create your own. I do. By the time you work out how the defaults work and how to adjust them all in a Template, you will have learned how to create your own.   Smiley Happy

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