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I ordered 3 paperback books last thursday with the express shipping and still havent had any notifications about when it will be delivered. My projects says fulfilling but has said that for 1 week now, can anyone help? I underttand the bank holiday may cause delays but im slightly worried as I need the prints by tomorrow (friday).


order no: 10442144






  • Hello ryanholds123


    Paperback books require 3-5 business days for printing.

    Our UK printer was closed both Friday and Monday for the Easter holiday - so today would be the third business day.


    Unless your book ships this afternoon, it is unlikely to arrive by tomorrow.



  • Glenn, 


    Thanks for your reply,

    Is there a contact number for Lulu which I can phone?



  • Yes

    You can call +1-844-212-0689

  • I can't find what the turnaround time would be when ordering printed books. I'm going to order 600 pocketbooks (200 pages) and want to know if it will meet my deadline. How long does it take to print and to ship?

    Thank you.

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