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I've recently recieved my Revenue Update from different channels as my book has been published for just over two months.


However, I have a question: one of the channels are Ingram for print versions of my book. My revenue was $0.00.


I assume this is because whomever bought the book through Ingram still needs to sell it through their channel, correct?


Should I expect to see it appear in Amazon's or B&N's channel instead?





    I have had this problem for months, mostly with Ingram sales. In the past I contacted the admins and was paid. Now some of my Amazon print books are showing zero returns on sales. I checked my files and every book should generate some return when sold. I am about to contact them again with a list of ten zero revenue books. 

  • You should be getting paid for each sale. I do know that for some repeat sales where someone bought the ebook and then got a new device and redownloaded that the sale is zero. Otherwise I can't see why you shouldn't be getting paid especially from Ingrams.

  • Hmm. That seems a bit shady.

    If that's the case, is it just that Lulu isn't reporting it properly? It's not as if Ingram just "stole" the books from them.

    I imagine I should be reporting to Lulu's admins, and not Ingram, correct?
  • The problem is due to differences in manufacturing costs combined with currency conversions. Submit a support case. This is an issue that our accounting department must resolve for you.

  • Thanks, Glenn! Will do!
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Once someone buys online content they can download it as many times as they like from their account and to as many devices as they like. The theory is they can do that in case they mislay the download ...

    It should appear as one sale when bought, but perhaps some place's software counts further downloads as $0 for some reason. Perhaps so you can, or they can, keep tabs on how often someone has downloaded it.

  • As far as I am aware, only the iBookstore reports re-downloads to new devices as zero balance sales.


    The admins contacted me yesterday and my zero revenue sales have been amended and readjusted. While I'm satisfied with their response and the outcome, this is the second or third time this has happened. Still not sure why. I will carefully monitor my sales from now on; especially those concerning Ingram.

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