Talk about frustration. It seems that at every step of this process I run into some kind of roadblock. I only made it this far because of this forum.


So I finally, get my book cover done....I think, because the newer version of cover creator doesn't seem to allow me to see an enlarged view of what I created. I can't properly review it. So I move on to the next step, not knowing if I really like what I created. In the next step they want all this information about the description of the book; which to me seems premature as I may not yet be happy with it, at this stage. So I continue and provide the information requested, after reducing the book's description to the size they wanted as shown by the green bar under the boxed area.


Then I get the following message: There was a problem creating your work. Please correct the areas in red.  The area in red was the description box. The only problem they don't tell me what was wrong or what to correct? 


Here are the instructions they provide:

What is this description for?

"The description is a brief synopsis (min 50 characters excluding spaces and a max of 1000 characters including spaces) for your book's item page. It's similar to what you might include on the back cover. What is it about? Who is it for? If it's fiction, catch the reader's attention with an exciting blurb or excerpt. For best results try to include a few of the keywords you created from the step above."


So this is what I provided: 

A book that lays bare the fallacy of religion. No holds are barred. It makes an unmistakable statement on the personal effect religion has on the individual; and the damage inflicted on the cultural, political and economic life of the world’s population.


Arguments for and against religion, atheism and the philosophy of life are examined, but always geared towards the layman.


Humor, and irreverent commentary, assists the reader to question Bible events, in a fashion that helps the ordinary person to understand religion from an atheist’s perspective.


The bogus claims made by religions, are dissected by the clever use of stories, quotes, and examining relevant 

sections of the Bible. Veiled sections of the Bible that most of the public either have never heard of, or don’t believe exist are exposed.


A provocative read to challenge both the religious and non-religious. It is concise and understandable.


Agree or disagree, one thing all critics agree upon, it will make you think about life and religion.


Now, once again I seemed to be stopped....and without a cogent reason or how to go about correcting my mistake as they don't even tell me what I apparently did wrong!  Arrrggg!!!!


  • I copied and pasted your description into Word and it says it uses up 1010 characters, including spaces.

    Try removing a few words from your description and is should work.

  • You are so right! I guess I was confused when the green bar gave me the go ahead. Thanks! Problem solved. Now onto the next roadblock on this adventure. I'm sure there is more to come.

  • Your description shouldn't have all these blank lines between your short paragraphs.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    You should be able to see a Preview of the PR PDF via the Cover Wizard. I think the option is called Preview next to a Continue option.

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