Can you collect a book direct from the printers?

A friend and I have ordered our thesis dissertations last week (thursday) and are expecting them before friday this week. However it does not say that they have been shipped. Is this someting anyone at Lulu can look into? Is there any way we can speed the process up or even drive to pick them up directly from the printers?






  • Hello Joe

    Our UK printer was closed Friday and Monday for the Easter holiday, hence the production delay. While I have no experience with the mail service in the UK, I have heard from several community contributors that once a book is printed it arrives very quickly.

  • Glenn,


    Thank you for the swift reply. As a matter of fact I have just received a message from DPD (courrier) informing me they will be delivering it tomorrow.



  • That is great news!

    Best of luck to you in defending it.

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